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Fundamental Principles of Thought, Speech, and Action

The Living Earth Council is an organization created to encourage local action for a vibrant, sustainable future for our community and our planet.  Any reflection, communication, or action undertaken by the Living Earth Council will be based on the following principles:

  1. Respect and openness for all people without exception;
  2. Love and stewardship for Earth that sustains all living beings;
  3. Creation of links among people that build community;
  4. Inclusion of children and care for them in meetings and activities;
  5. Celebration of the basic goodness of our world.

In keeping with these principles, any reflection, communication, or action carried out on behalf of the Living Earth Council will ensure that tone and content are respectful, environmentally sustainable and sound, and promote both collective and individual well-being in all aspects of life, including cultural, economic, social, environmental, and spiritual aspects.

All actions carried out on behalf of the Living Earth Council must be approved by the board.  Communication carried out on behalf of the Living Earth Council must be in accord with the above stated principles and, in cases of official correspondence, must be signed by at least one board member, unless another member of the group is approved by the board to sign correspondence regarding her or his area of responsibility.

Members and supporters of the Living Earth Council are welcome to initiate their own actions that follow the above principles, but may not claim sponsorship by the Living Earth Council unless approved by a vote of the board.

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